We want to acknowledge that we are standing on and benefiting from land that has been seized, expropriated, and stolen from Indigenous peoples. For thousands of years, this has been Pocumtuck land. This is still the homelands of the Pocumtuck, Norwottock, Woronoco, Agawam, Nipmuck, Abenaki. These Native peoples and their descendants are still living here among us. Every time we gather here we must acknowledge and respect that fact.

Paddles made by Andre StrongBearHeart Gaines, Jr.
Wampum points made by Annawon Weeden for jewelry
Prayer for the Pollinators hat by Amalia Fourhawks
Gourd artwork by Jeanne Morningstar Kent
Dreamcatcher by Lenny Novak
Quillwork earrings by Monica Alexander
Barrette by Hilde Barnes
Drum made by Strong Oak
Monica Alexander quillwork basket
Drumsticks made by Michael Descoteaux
Earrings by Hartman Deetz

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