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To accompany our 10-part video series, we have created a PDF booklet, INDIGENOUS VOICES: Resources for Teachers and Lifelong Learners, written and compiled by Jennifer Lee (Northern Narragansett), and edited and formatted by Dorothea Sotiros.

This 54-page PDF booklet features chapters for each of the videos and includes:

• definitions of words heard in the film

• suggested questions for teachers

• links to additional resources for further learning

In addition, separate chapters from this booklet pertaining to each video are available for download on the webpage for each video.

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Download an addendum with all link references contained in the Resources PDF

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Additional Resources

Northeast Native History – A Very Brief Overview (PDF)
By Jennifer Lee, Northern Narragansett, independent researcher

A 17-page brief overview including some pre-contact life ways, differing world views at the time of contact, historic events and landmark decisions about Northeast Native history.

Download PDF

“These walls are my reservation”– Video by Troy Phillips

Massachusetts Commission on Indian Affairs member Troy W. Phillips (Nipmuc) talks about hisjourney from growing up in Springfield, Massachusetts to cultural survival today. 

The Great Beaver

Marge Bruchac (Abenaki) tells the traditional story of Mount Sugarloaf and the Pocumtuck Range. Wôbanakiak: Amiskwôlowôkoiak – the People of the Beaver-tail Hill (audio recording of Marge Bruchac) (transcript of story)

The Geology and Cultural History of the Beaver Hill Story

Essay by Marge Bruchac

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