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We have a limited number of spaces left for Native American vendors. Contact us at nolumbekaproject@gmail.com if interested.                                                                Updates will be ongoing. We are in the process of organizing a wonderful day for everyone. Anyone interested in volunteering please contact us at nolumbekaproject@gmail.com. Thanks.  Here is a sketch of what is being planned

K.Mockingbird, Navaho/Dineh, Grammy nominated flute player;

The Kingfisher Singers (members of several tribal nations);

Willow Greene,  Missisquoi  Abenaki, Storyteller;

Bryan Blanchette, Elnu Abenaki. singer/songwriter/guitarist;

Urban Thunder Singers, Intertribal;

Black Hawk Singers, Abenaki;

Justin “Bigishkibin” Beatty, emcee.

 Special Guests: Roger Longtoe Sheehan, Chief of the Elnu Abanaki, and Friends,    all day “Living Native 17th Century History” featuring five tribal experts demonstrating skills, weaponry, fashion of different cultures who visited the Falls in 17th century.

 Tim MacSweeney,  ceremonial stone landscapes researcher and founder of “Waking Up on Turtle Island” website.


Evan Pritchard, Director of the Center of Algonquin Studies,  presents “Norumbega: A French Twist” about the research of 19th-century French historian John Fiske.

 David Brule, Nolumbeka Project president, coordinator of the National Parks Service Battleground Research talks about “Archaeology  and Healing at the Falls”.

Special Authors and Books Section.

 PLUS, outstanding indigenous vendors, some who work with museums,  display and sell beautiful and unique works of art including jewelry, baskets, drums, etc. Primitive skills demonstrations, such as flint knapping, birch bark biting, ash log pounding.  Children’s activities, food vendors (including Native American fare from Sonya Savant and Silver Moon Catering) AND MORE!

 Free. All Welcome.  Accessible. Rain or Shine.

Keep posted at nolumbekaproject.org and visit our Facebook page.



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Our Mission

The mission of the Nolumbeka Project is to promote a deeper, broader and more accurate depiction of the history of the Native Americans/American Indians of New England before and during European contact and colonization;


To protect and preserve sites sacred to, and of historic value to, the Native Americans/American Indians of New England; to create and promote related educational opportunities, preservation projects and cultural events; and to work in partnership, as much as possible, with the tribes.


We will strive to exemplify the Native American/American Indian peoples’ respect for Mother Earth and all living beings; to be mindful of our role as caretakers for future generations; and to honor our connection to the Earth and Sky and to the Creator.

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Who We Are

The Nolumbeka Project, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the history of Native Americans/American Indians of New England through educational programs, art, history, music, heritage seed preservation and cultural events. We are actively building, maintaining and expanding an historical archive research library for use by the Tribes and Educators of the Northeast and beyond.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers who have been active for more than 40 years in a number of other preservation, historical research, environmental and social justice organizations. 

Several of our Board members are of mixed Native American  /American Indian heritage.  


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You Can Make a Difference!

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