The Invocation on Reconciliation Day

The Invocation on Reconciliation Day

Spoken by Anemone Mars

May 19, 2004

“Great Spirit, Creator, Giver of Life, Creator of All Wonderful Things, we come before you today. We ask that you look down upon us, and ask that you help us to offer healing for a sorrowful place. We are thankful for our past, we are thankful for our present, we are thankful for our future. At this time we ask that you look down upon us, Grandfather, Great Spirit, Creator, and bless this place and the spirits here and ask that you assist them in finding rest and peace and love. 328 years ago Narragansett people were massacred on this land. Their spirits have remained in a state of limbo and without rest for centuries, for over 121,000 days, never at peace. At this time we come here, we ask the Creator to help us restore a level of healing to this place. We are thankful for all you have given to us. We are thankful for all things, for everyone, for all the people who are gathered here to help participate in this ceremony. Let these words stand.”

Earlier in the day, Doug Harris, Deputy Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for NITHPO said that upon her arrival at the park, Anemone took a walk along the river. At one point, a steel gray snapping turtle climbed out of the river toward her.

The Medicine Woman’s medicine, or spiritual energy, comes from the turtle.

“It was just another sign that this was right,” Harris said.

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