Monica Alexander

Mi’kmaq Descendant Multimedia Artisan

Running Time: 10:26
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We meet Monica Alexander, a Mi’kmaq descendant multimedia artisan, who creates visually stunning works of art with porcupine quills on birch bark. She traces the centuries-long history of this traditional art form among Northeastern Indigenous people. We see Monica in her artist’s studio describing her “tools of the trade” and the steps in her artistic process. We see her creating a set of earrings using porcupine quills and birch bark. We walk along with her in the woods outside her house and learn how nature inspires her art work.

From the film:

“My best inspiration is to walk in the woods where it’s quiet. It gives me good time to think, to look at the plants, to interact with plants because that’s what Native people do.”
— Monica Alexander (Mi’kmaq descendant)

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Download PDF: Resources for Teachers and Lifelong Learners (For this video only)

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