Liz ColdWind Santana Kiser

Chaubunagungamaug Nipmuck Elder and Educator

Running Time: 7:23
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Liz ColdWind Santana Kiser is a Nipmuck Elder, educator and a council woman for the Chaubunagungamaug Band of Nipmuck Indians. In this interview, Liz talks about how she can trace her family roots with documents back to the 1600s and how the Nipmuck people are still here and carrying on their cultural traditions today. She recounts what it was like growing up Nipmuck, at home with pride and respect, along with the discrimination and racism she faced in school. She concludes by talking about the importance for everyone to learn about Indigenous history.

From the film:

“We are still alive. We still exist. And we still carry on our traditions in our culture.”
—Liz ColdWind Santana Kiser (Chaubunagungamaug Nipmuck)

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Download PDF: Resources for Teachers and Lifelong Learners (For this video only)

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