Kingfisher Singers and Dancers

Wampanoag-Narragansett Cultural Educators

Running Time: 9:40
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The Kingfisher Singers and Dancers are a family group of Wampanoag and Narragansett cultural educators who sing together as one of the ways of teaching their traditions to the public. We see them at the Pocumtuck Homelands Festival singing traditional Northeast Woodland social dance songs. They describe the handmade musical instruments they play — a water drum and various rattles. They talk about the importance of passing on their culture to the next generation. They end with a powerful message about protecting the water, air and trees.

From the film:

“We teach our little ones from a very young age with the hopes that they will then grow up and they will be the ones to carry on the songs to the next generation.”
— Leah Hopkins (Narragansett)

Download PDF: Resources for Teachers and Lifelong Learners (For entire series)

Download PDF: Resources for Teachers and Lifelong Learners (For this video only)

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