In Memoriam

In Memoriam 
Roger David McCleod 
Sagamo Powa Matagamon
Chief Sachem of Pawtucket Indian Lodge


Roger with Narragansett Medicine Man 
Lloyd Running Wolf Wilcox
(photo courtesy of Daniel Brown)

Born Roger David McLeod in Rumford Maine, on November 9,1927, Sagamo Powa Matagamo ended his earth walk in this life time to be with his son David and the Ancestors on March 21, 2012. 





Roger McCleod’s life spanned the worlds of modern science and ancient spiritual wisdom, and bridged the heritages of European and Native American cultures.  Associate Professor of Physics and Applied Physics at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Roger was also Chief Sachem of the Pawtucket Indian Lodge, and a member of the Merrimack and Greater Lowell Indian Councils.  His personal ancestry traced its roots to the Penobscot, Abenaki, Micmac and Penacook Indian nations, and to the Vikings of the Isle of Skye and Scotland .

Roger was a mentor forged of a unique blend of intellect, instinct and deep spiritual insight.  As Joe Graveline wrote in a tribute to this special being,  Roger, we thank you for your guidance and support, but your work is not done yet.  We will now be speaking to you when we address the ancestors for guidance and counsel.” 
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