“Historical Perspectives From The Wigwam”

Jennifer Lee – Northern Narragansett Educator and Bark Basket Maker

Running Time: 17:54
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Join Jennifer Lee, Northern Narragansett educator and bark basket maker, as she talks to a small group of young people gathered in her Eastern Conical Wigwam. In her talk, Jennifer presents an historical overview about Indigenous life in the Connecticut River Valley before the European settlers arrived. She also contrasts differing world views between the Indigenous and European cultures. Her talk is visually illustrated with historical paintings and drawings depicting Indigenous life in the 1600s and 1700s.

From the film:

“There was a very sophisticated culture here. In the 1700s, there were many Native people who could speak English, French, their Native language, and surrounding Native languages.”
— Jennifer Lee (Northern Narragansett)

Download PDF: Resources for Teachers and Lifelong Learners (For entire series)

Download PDF: Resources for Teachers and Lifelong Learners (For this video only)

Download PDF: Northeast Native History: A Very Brief Overview by Jennifer Lee

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